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APICS - The Performance Advantage

APICS offers a full range of programs and materials on the latest business management concepts and techniques.

Manufacturing Systems

A management magazine dedicated to information technologies, primarily manufacturing, software and data collection.

Engineering Enterprise

Information technology, fueled by a seemingly unlimited source of computing power, is the engine that drives this virtual world of manufacturing. And it is here, at the interface of IT and the enterprise, that Evolving Enterprise turns its attention.

Mid-range ERP Magazine

The management magazine for mid-sized manufacturers.

Software Selection and Implementation Tips
Software selection and implementation services have become big business for consulting firms as well as the software vendors themselves. Even with outside assistance, selecting the right software for your operation and having a successful implementation can be an extremely difficult undertaking......

Oliver Wright

Articles/White Papers on many MRP related subjects.

TOC and MRPII, From Theory to Results

This paper presents the use of Theory of Constraints (TOC) in conjunction with Material Requirements Planning (MRP II) for shop floor scheduling.

How Do MRP/ERP & PDM Co-Exist?

Informative paper presented by Ralph Mayer, Adra Systems Inc.
American Production and Inventory Control Society - APICS

Formerly known as the American Production and Inventory Control Society, APICS has expanded to meet the needs of professionals in all areas of resource management, including inventory, materials, information systems, accounting/finance, supply chain, and all other functional areas that contribute to the overall efficiency and productivity of an organization.

Best Manufacturing Practices (Navy)

The BMP's purpose is to provide a national resource to foster the identification and sharing of best practices being used in government, industry and academia; and to work together through a cooperative effort aimed at strengthening the U.S. industrial base and its global competitive position.

National Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing

NACFAM's goal is to help American manufacturers improve their productivity, quality, competitiveness and profitability.

ERP/MRP Software Selection


CTS Software Selection

Interactive guide to help you narrow down your ERP/MRP software choices to those that fit your company.


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