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AutoCAD 2005


AutoCAD--Application Information

Autodesk Homepage Home to all of the Autodesk Products.
AutoCAD 2005 Homepage of the current edition - AutoCAD 2005
AutoCAD Mechanical Homepage of the AutoCAD Mechanical Product for mechanical 2D designers
Autodesk Inventor 9 Autodesk Inventor 9 software for designing and documenting 3D parts and assemblies.
3ds max Whether you are creating animations, texturing, or rendering, 3ds max helps you develop the best visualizations ever.

AutoCAD--Magazines and Newsletters

AutoDesk Books Check out the bookstore on this site for tons of tutorial and instructional books on AutoCAD, Inventor and other AutoDesk products.
CAD Digest CAD articles and links to the internet at large, this is like an atlas for CAD publications and loads more.
CAD User Australian and New Zealand Design Computing Magazine, get the low-down on new software and hardware for the CAD community. Offers a taste of AutoCAD related info once in awhile.
Cadalyst This site features tech tips, book reviews and links to other CAD resources.
CADCAMnet Monthly newsletter from CAD/CAM Publishing, Inc. with an aim to help engineering professionals make smart decisions about product development technology.
CADinfo.NET CAD, CAM, CAE, design, technical drawing, drafting, delineation, visualization, manufacturing info.
CADserver CAD mag from the U.K., this weekly publication covers a wide range of CAD platforms. AutoCAD has good coverage, including 3rd party reviews, in-depth features, the latest news and a links section.
Desktop Engineering DE Online - Desktop Engineering Magazine, is a computer resource for engineers with CAD/CAM software articles, news, buyers guide, featured products etc.
A-zine ( Monthly AutoDesk Newsletter
upFront.eZine The Weekly Newsletter for CAD on the Internet.

AutoCAD -- AutoLISP and Shareware Sources

CADalog The AutoCAD Shareware Clearinghouse. The CADalog has AutoCAD Shareware, Autocad Lisp, Autocad drivers, Autocad symbols, Autocad patterns, Autocad blocks, Autocad fonts, Autocad convertors, and Star Trek drawings!
CADALYST The collection of all the code ever published in CADALYST. No one has more AutoLISP code than CADALYST. All of the code from 1993 to the current issue available for downloading. Ultimate CAD Shareware Directory... Be it AutoCAD, Microstation, SolidWorks, IntelliCAD or other CAD programs, we have tons of shareware, and demos for you to try. ... A dedicated portal for Auto CAD Add-ons, CAD Shareware, Demos, Utilities, CAD Freeware, Links, Forums, and much more.
PIRS Online CADD files library on PIRS Online provided by INSA Corporation.
Reini Urban's AutoCAD Page Loads of AutoLISP routines, compilers, utilities and AutoCAD technical documents.

AutoCAD--Training & Support

Autodesk User Group
Their mission is to enhance members' productivity and knowledge with Autodesk software by creating and maintaining networking opportunities, educational programs, global communication channels and opportunities for user involvement.

AutoCAD - Inventor
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