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Applied Composite Materials

"for rapid communications of engineering composites... dedicated to innovation in engineering design through sound application of the mechanics of materials ...

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing

Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing publishes original research papers, review articles, case studies, short communications and letters from a wide variety of sources dealing with all aspects of the science and technology of composite materials.

Composites Part B: Engineering

The aim of Composites Part B: Engineering is to provide a balance between mechanics and materials science aspects, basic and applied research, and high technology and high volume (low cost) composite development.

Composites Fabrication

Composites Fabrication serves composites manufacturers involved in all segments of the composites industry including architectural, bath, cast polymer, corrosion, custom molding, marine, sports and leisure, and transportation.

Composite Structures

Composite Structures, an International Journal, disseminates knowledge between users, manufacturers, designers and researchers involved in structures or structural components manufactured using composite materials.

NASA Tech Briefs

The monthly magazine features exclusive reports of innovations developed by NASA and its industry partners/contractors that can be applied to develop new/improved products and solve engineering or manufacturing problems. Authored by the engineers or scientists who did the work, the briefs span a wide array of fields, including electronics, physical sciences, materials, computer software, mechanics, machinery/automation, manufacturing/fabrication, mathematics/information sciences, and life sciences.

Informational / Resource Sites
Carbon/Carbon Composites

Good info. on Carbon/Carbon composites, including material properties, with a list of related links.

The Composites Corner

THE access point to Composite Materials WWW sites maintained by the Turner Moss Company.

Composite Materials Handbook

The Composite Materials Handbook is a document that provides information and tools necessary to design and fabricate end items from composite materials. Its primary purpose is the standardization of engineering data development methodologies related to testing, data reduction, and data reporting of property data for current and emerging composite materials.

The Composites Registry

The intent of this Registry is to bring together the Composite Community in a centeralized web location. This will create an easy method to locate manufacturers, suppliers, and universities.

Composite Solutions Company

Composite Solutions is a company on the cutting edge of composite filament winding. They have provided a good page of FAQ's about composites and filament winding.

Fibre Glast Developments Information Center

Good information on fiberglass components, applications, mfg. techniques and and composites in general.


Provided by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell.

Owens Corning: Composite Materials

Their glass fiber composites page with a lot of good information.

Articles / White Papers
Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Polymer Composite Structures in Japan

This chapter covers the manufacturing technologies used by U.S. and Japanese aerospace companies in the fabrication of aerospace products made from polymer composites. This discussion of composites manufacturing technologies is presented in the context of the aerospace industry because the aerospace industry has been and remains at the cutting edge of this technology.

What are Composites?

A good introductory page to composites their benefits and uses by the Composites Fabricators Association.

Societies / Organizations / Associations
Composites Fabricators Associationís (CFA)

CFA serves firms manufacturing products using reinforced plastic composites; manufacturers and suppliers of products used in the manufacture of such products; designers, or specifiers of such products; consultants to the industry; and end users of such products. CFA offers educational resources to composites fabricators.

Materials Research Society

The Materials Research Society is dedicated to goal-oriented basic and applied research on materials of technological importance. MRS emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach to materials science and engineering, inspiring cooperation among scientists from industry, academia, and government.

Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)

SAMPE provides information on new materials and processing technology either via technical forums, journal publications, or books in which professionals in this field can exchange ideas and air their views.

University Research
Composite Materials and Structures Center - CMSC

The home page for composites research at Michigan State University.




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