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Introduction to Ceramics

A good article on the background of the ceramics industry provided by The American Ceramics Society.

Advanced Ceramic Technology Center

The Advanced Ceramic Technology Center has the resources to help U.S. industry overcome the high cost of machining and certifying structural ceramics, especially for stringent applications such as heat engines.

Ceramics Industry Magazine - Reference Tables

This site has some great references including: Material Properties, Drying/Firing Tables, Forming/Finishing Info., Refractories and Testing Methods.

Dynamic-Ceramic - Design Guides

A series of guides are intended to act as an aid to engineers and designers wishing to produce cost effective designs for advanced ceramic manufacture. The design tips also refer primarily to components which have to be finish ground to tight tolerances.

Dynamic-Ceramic - Material Properties

This site was designed to aid in the selection of advanced ceramics with a selection of pages, which provide both comparative data on the available materials in addition to a more in-depth analysis of the individual materials and their mechanical and physical properties.

Dynamic-Ceramic - Manufacturing Processes

Ceramic forming processes may be classified as traditional - die pressing, cold isostatic pressing, slip casting and extrusion - or as new and emerging, such as injection moulding and tape casting.

Magazines, Periodicals, Newsletters
Ceramic Industry Magazine

Ceramic Industry magazine is the exclusive voice of ceramic manufacturing, serving the advanced ceramics, glass, whitewares, structural clay, refractories and decorating technology industries.

Ceramic Bulletin

Ceramic Bulletin provides authoritative coverage of established and emerging processing technology that will impact ceramic manufacturing around the world.
Societies and Organizations
The American Ceramic Society

ACerS, an international association that provides the latest technical, scientific and educational information to its Members and others in the ceramics and related materials field, structures its services, staff and capabilities to meet the needs of the ceramics community, related fields, and the general public.

Swedish Ceramic Institute

Informative site with a 2-minute introduction to ceramics, material data and other useful information.

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Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Global Links

Ceramics and Industrial Minerals

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Global Links

The WWW Virtual Library: Technical Ceramics




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