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ABB - (Asea Brown Boveri) Provides industrial robots for Cleaning/Spraying, Cutting/Deburring, Grinding/Polishing, Material Handling, Machine Tending and Palletizing/Packaging.
Adept Technology, Inc. Offers a complete line of high-speed SCARA robot and linear modules designed for assembly, handling, and food packaging tasks. Also provides Automation Software, Machine Vision and Motion Control Products and Simulation Software.
American Robot Corp. American Robot offers two industrial robot product lines: Merlin six-axis articulated robots, and the modular Gantry 3000 gantry style robots.
Angelus Research Manufacturers of several lines of intelligent robots including - Educational line of Whiskers Robots teach the world's children about the next technology wave beyond the Internet: Intelligent Robots and Machines. Their Military Robots like Intruder and ART are used to make the most dangerous job in the world: Military Operations, safer. Their military line of robots are dual use, also providing Law Enforcement activities support in life threatening situations.
Arrick Robotics Provide mobile robots and PC-based automation products including stepper motor control systems, linear and rotary positioning tables, robotic workcells, and automation accessories such as pulley reducers and grippers.
Barrett Technology Barrett Technology manufactures a complete line of robotic arm and hand manipulators.
BRIC Engineered Systems Provides a line of Gantry and Cartesian Robots.
Cloos Robotic Welding, Inc. Robotic welding solution.
Columbia/Okura LLC Columbia/Okura LLC is your single source for robotic palletizers and turnkey material-handling needs. We provide four-axis, multi-articulated robots and proven end-of-arm tooling.
Cybermotion Leading manufacturer of mobile robotic systems for security purposes.
Denso Robotics Provide 4 & 6 axis industrial robots.
EPSON Robots EPSON E2 Robots are the next generation of SCARA robots designed for maximum speed, maximum throughput, maximum controls capability, and maximum ease of use. Also have a line of high-speed 6 axis robots.
FANUC Robotics

FANUC Robotics offers total automation solutions for assembly, painting, palletizing, packing, welding, dispensing, cutting, laser processing and material handling applications.

IAI America They offer a full line up of SCARA robots and linear actuators.
Kawasaki Kawasaki is among the leaders in robot installations worldwide. Our product line of F Series, Z Series, M Series, MD/ZD and K Series robots offers payload capacities from 2kg to 500kg for light, medium, and heavy payloads and high speed, high accuracy applications.
KUKA Robotics KUKA Robotics is one of the world´s largest robot manufacturers. KUKA offers a complete range of advanced design robots, covering all common payload categories and robot types: SCARAs, Palletizers, 6-axis Robots, Welding Robots, Gantry Robots. KUKA robots are utilized in a diverse range of industries including the appliance, automotive, metal, logistics, food, pharmaceutical, medical, foundry or plastics industries. KUKA robots are found in a multitude of applications including: material handling, machine loading, assembly, packaging, palletizing, welding, bending, joining, and surface finishing.
Mitsubishi Provides high speed 5, 6 and 7 axis articulated arm industrial robots and a full line of SCARA robots
Mobile Robots (ActivRobots) Produce a line of mobile robots for manufacturing and material handling, research, security, safety and education purposes.
Motoman Robotics Wide range of 4, 5 and 6-axis industrial robots, controllers, and robot administration and control software. Applications include Material handling, machine tending, grinding/polishing, gluing/sealing, palletising, painting, spot welding, arc welding, and assembling.
Nachi Robotics Systems, Inc. Nachi Robots handle load capacities from 4 to 300 kg. They can be used for many applications including spot and arc welding, material handling, cutting, sealing, painting and palletizing.
PARI Robotics PARI manufactures a complete line of Gantry and Portal Robots.
Panasonic Factory Automation (PFA) Panasonic Factory Automation (PFA) markets a full line of factory automation equipment and services, including: Panasert automatic insertion and SMT placement machines, CIM software, KME/Create advanced electronic assembly equipment and Panarobo assembly and arc welding robots.
Robotics Design inc.
Manufactures mobile robots and manipulators.
Samsung Samsung opened the era of robots for assembly in Korea in 1984 and provides various factory automation systems.
Sankyo Robotics Sankyo Robotics is a worldwide provider of precision, industrial robot systems for the assembly, handling, fabrication and positioning of small parts, typically weighing in the 1 to 10 Kg range.
SchillingSub-Atlantic Alliance Specialize in the production of multiple-axis manipulators and related support equipment.
Seiko Instruments Seiko offers a wide selection of high precision robots including SCARA (BN Series and BL Series), Cartesian (XM3000 Series), and Cylindrical (RT Series) configurations.
SONY High speed and desktop assembly robots.
Staubli Staubli recently purchased the robotics division of Bosch Rexroth. The new range of SCARA SR robots complements perfectly the existing RX and TX six axis robot range known for their reliability, robustness and performance in terms of precision and speed.
Thermo Electron Corp. Thermo offers a range of highly reliable robot systems designed specifically for the laboratory. They include articulated robots, such as the CRS CataLyst Express, and high speed distributed motion robots, such as the CRS Vertical Array Loader.
Toshiba Industrial Products Cartesian Robots
Unimate The UNIMATE Series 2000 and 4000 industrial robots are among the most widely used industrial robots in the world. With over 20 years of continued improvement, they have been used successfully for spot welding, die casting and investment casting, material handling and many other applications.
Yamaha Provides single axis, Cartesian, Pick-and-Place, and Loading robots with supporting controllers.




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